Our Roots

Our Roots


The Hispanic Republican Club of North Texas (HRCNT) believes that our strength lies not only in the values we stand for but also in our community engagement to share the truth of conservative policies and free markets as opposed to government control and central planning.  In 2018 Maria Garcia realized, as a Hispanic, that most Latinos were very misinformed about conservative policies and were not very engaged in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by living in a free market Republic system.  In order to teach Hispanics about their own American heritage,  their contributions to American society, and their opportunities to influence local and state leaders, she founded the HRCNT.  She has discovered that informed Hispanics/Latinos are making a difference by stepping up to educate others and to run for office.

Our Mission

The Hispanic Republican Club of North Texas (HRCNT) focuses on advocating for, educating about and promoting the values and benefits of a republican system of government (as opposed to a democracy).  Our mission is to influence and support policies, elected officials, and community leaders who advance the rule of law, provide for the core functions of government in a fiscally responsible manner, and represent all citizens with transparency and integrity.


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